Our Services

24 Hours Online Service :

UK Visa Direct is the first organization to implement 24 hours online advice to the candidates, irrespective of whether you are applying for TIER 1 or TEIR 4, our UK Visa Experts will help you through out the processing.

UK Education Advice:

UK Visa Directs UK Higher Education Wing called www.ukhigherstudy.com is an exclusive education guidance division dedicated to UK Higher Education. The only one of its kind own kind to ensure that the students are getting 100% accurate information about opportunities in United Kingdom.

Personal Assistance

The friendly personal services offered by UK Visa Direct makes you feel at home even if you are abroad. UK Visa Direct will help you in all your activities in the initial stage to make you feel UK as your home away from home

Airport Pickup

You will have an amazing welcome at the airport itself, by our smart officers who will help you to meet your convenience and problems. We will make sure that it won’t be a cab driver with the placard written your name on it as most of the others do. You can meet the ISS officer from your own country who speaks your own mother tongue which makes you more comfortable and safe.


Undoubtedly a foreigner may feel alienated in an unknown and unfriendly air, arousing nostalgia. Don’t worry , you will have a friend there to serve with your necessities- in terms of arranging your proper accommodation-your taste of food and on , in short a customized service for you at your need in an unfamiliar atmosphere.

National Insurance Number

As per Law, you are required to have a National Insurance Number to work in UK. In most of the cases the new comer will feel it difficult to have the national Insurance number as Job Centre Plus will ask for the employment proof in order to give your appointment dateOur team of experts will guide to solve these issues once you reach the UK.

Part time job

Though studentship is not an apprenticeship, it is an enlightenment and encouragement for a student to enjoy the benefits of studies at the cost of his own sweat. We assist them to find part time job  suit there taste to making student life more energetic and beneficial.

Banking Services

Each and every student in UK knows the difficulties to open a proper bank account in United Kingdom. Our special department officials will assist you to open a personal current and savings accounts at nationalised banks to secure your savings and transactions.

Legal Assistance

Coming to a different country means coming to a different Legal system which is different from that of your country. Our experienced solicitors are ready to help you at any difficult situations which can change your entire life.

Medical Help

The whole world says ‘The most unpredictable thing in UK is its weather’, a weather which is extremely different from that of your home country. And the medical system in UK is different from most of the countries and all the residents of UK should register their names under a General Practitioner to in order to get any proper medical assistance from hospitals. So you require a friend who can guide you through all these processes and that’s why UK VISA DIRECT is there for you.

Post Study Work

Our Immigration services team will help you to find out an employer after the successfull completion of your course.Our guidance through proper channels  will assist the student in acquiring a work permit under the UK immigration act.

Visa Extensions and Status conversions

UK VISA DIRET will help you to convert your student status to TIER 1 after the successful completion of your course. Or if you would like to stay back in UK .In the uk after the successful completion of course to do another course , UK VISA DIRECT will help you to sort out your problems in easy an affordable ways. Sorting out these hassles through easy and affordable means.