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is one of the biggest UK consultancy firms having offices networked across the globe. Managed by professional advisors, UK Visa Direct today employs top immigration consultants and solicitors who are empowered with years of experience in immigration law.

 At UK Visa Direct, we believe in providing a wholesome and hassle free experience to you. With the knowledge of our proficient advisors and our UK Visa Direct centers all over the world, you'll be able to avoid hassles of common mistakes and delays caused merely by naïveté or incomplete preparation. Apart from the excellent personalized assistance with the visa procedures, our well organized systems also make sure that your visa procedure are successfully completed within the required time frame and is hassle free.

 UK Higher Study Services, a of UK Visa Direct, manages the enquiries in relation to UK Education and admission procedures all around the world in order to assist those aspiring for higher education in United Kingdom. Along with all the above mentioned advantages that you gain with us, you are likely to benefit from the know-how of immigration experts as well to get proper advice at the time of Visa application and there after.

UK Higher Study United Kingdom is a hub of cultural diversity. In a single word, the worlds best choice of quality

The UK has introduced the new Tier 1 General which replaces the previous HSMSP Scheme which was quite successfull. 

Hundreds of thousands of international students choose the United Kingdom every year as their destination for higher education.