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Welcome to ukvisadirect.com, the dedicated visa website proudly owned and operated by Taylor Scott Recruitment. [www.taylorscott.co.uk]

We’re here to assist you with your United Kingdom Skilled Worker Visa application.

The UK is actively seeking skilled workers, and the government offers the Skilled Worker Visa to those looking to move to the United Kingdom.

If you like the idea of living and working in the UK, don’t wait! Apply for your visa today. Just fill out the form on our website to start your journey to living and working in the United Kingdom.

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Last year, 290,000 people successfully obtained the UK Skilled Worker visa and are now happily living and working in the United Kingdom. Now, it’s your turn! Apply to live and work in the UK with our assistance. Don’t wait – apply now and change your life!

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“Our Mission is clear: to provide a trusted visa service with expert support and guidance at every step of your visa application.”

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“Our Vision is to simplify the visa process for everyone worldwide through our professional visa service.”


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Living in the United Kingdom as a skilled worker has its rewards! You can enjoy a high quality of life with secure surroundings and access to free healthcare. The education system, free for all children, is world-class.

In the UK, skilled workers have access to plenty of well-paid job opportunities. creating an excellent environment for both career and personal growth.

Jobs in the UK

In the UK, skilled workers have lots of great job options in fields like tech, finance, healthcare, and engineering. Many companies need skilled workers, which shows how much the UK cares about growing and improving. Whether you work in IT, healthcare, or engineering, you can find a job you love and be part of making the UK better!


Care Worker



Software Developer

Computer Systems

Business Analyst

Mechanical Engineer

Data Scientist

Civil Engineer

Marketing Manager

Features & Benefits

Skilled Worker Visa


Job Opportunities

The Skilled Worker Visa opens doors to more job opportunities, allowing you to work in a skilled occupation in the United Kingdom.

Take control

Financial Independence

By securing a skilled worker visa, you have the chance to earn excellent money and build a rewarding career in the United Kingdom.

Long Term Visas

5 Year Visas

Skilled Worker Visas are typically designed for 5 years, providing stability and the opportunity to integrate into the community.

Live in United Kingdom

Permanent Stay

Skilled Worker Visas provide a route to permanent residency, enabling you to establish a permanent life in the United Kingdom.

skilled worker visa fees

Visa Fees

Our fees for the Skilled Worker Visa are low-cost and affordable for everyone. We offer the lowest fees you’ll find anywhere!

Get your Skilled Workers Visa for just £6,000 GBP, plus £540 GBP for the Certificate of Sponsorship.

  • Skilled Worker Visa Fee:   £6,000 GBP
  • Certificate of Sponsorship: £540 GBP

Depending on your circumstances, you can start your visa application with a 50% deposit. (£3000 visa fee + £540 CoS Fee). The remaining balance can be paid when you arrive in the United Kingdom.

*All visa fees are required to be paid via international bank transfer or Western Union.

Refund Policy: We offer a full fee refund in the event of visa refusal. (Kindly provide the visa refusal letter as proof).


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“You can find answers to most of your questions on this page. If you have any queries not addressed here, please feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or Email.”

The Skilled Worker Visa is a type of visa that allows skilled individuals to live and work in the United Kingdom.

To be eligible, you generally need a job offer from a UK employer with a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS), meet the required skill level, and speak English.

A COS is an official document issued by your employer, confirming they are sponsoring your visa application. It contains information about your job and employer.

Processing times can vary, depending on the country you apply from. Typically it takes three to six months. You should allow six months.

You will need to pay a skilled worker visa fee of £6000 GBP plus £540 for the Certificate of Sponsorship.

If your application is refused, you will receive a refusal letter outlining the reasons. You may have the option to appeal or reapply, or get a refund of your fees.

There is no specific limit on the number of Skilled Worker Visas issued annually.

You can start your application by sending us a message by WhatsApp.

You can send us a message by WhatsApp or complete and send the recruitment agent’s application form.

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